Z Nicolazzo

Z Nicolazzo
Long before Caitlyn Jenner or the TLC show “I am Jazz” brought transgender issues into mainstream conversations, Z Nicolazzo was exploring these issues. An assistant professor in Adult and Higher Education and faculty associate in the Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality at Northern Illinois University, Nicolazzo is a respected expert and award-winning faculty member. Hir research agenda focuses on mapping gender across college contexts, with particular attention to transgender collegians and the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and disability.

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Nicolazzo earned a bachelor’s degree from Roger Williams University, a master’s from Western Illinois University and a doctorate from Miami University. Prior to becoming a faculty member at NIU, ze worked as a student affairs professional in the areas of residence life, sexual violence prevention and fraternity and sorority life. Nicolazzo has published in a variety of scholarly and practitioner-focused publications, including the Journal of LGBT YouthJournal of Diversity in Higher EducationAbout CampusJournal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs and TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly. Ze is also the author of new book, “Trans* in College: Transgender Students’ Strategies for Navigating Campus Life and the Institutional Politics of Inclusion.”

Subject areas:
Gender in higher education, particularly the experiences of transgender collegians; college student activism; intersectionality, particularly students’ experiences of the intersections of race, disability, and gender identity.


Twitter and Instagram:  @trans_killjoy

Contact information:
Z Nicolazzo
Office: (815) 753-9373

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