Tracy Nunnally

Tracy Nunnally
People can fly. Tracy Nunnally makes sure of it. For nearly 30 years, Nunnally has worked in professional theater and is recognized as an industry expert in motion control, rigging, pyrotechnics, special effects, scenery construction and technical design. At Northern Illinois University, he shares his talents with students as the technical director and head of design and technology for the School of Theatre and Dance.

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The owner and president of Vertigo, a special effects rigging company, Nunnally provides special effects for over 200 productions each year. From high school productions to Broadway tours, his expertise in flying has taken him across the U.S. as well as to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Subject areas:
Entertainment rigging; event rigging; theater rigging; performer rigging; theater technology


Contact information:
Tracy Nunnally
Office: (815) 753-9342
Cell: (815) 762-0181

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