Reed Scherer

Reed Scherer
experts-guide-reed-schererAs a youngster in Brooklyn, N.Y., Reed Scherer loved the ocean and the diversity of its creatures. By age 7, he had started collecting fossils, and by fifth grade, classmates had affectionately dubbed him the “mad scientist.” From those childhood interests blossomed a research specialty that is helping scientists better understand one of the most pressing problems of our day: climate change.

Scherer is an internationally respected geologist whose research has taken him around the globe and beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet. He was a key member of a research team that tackled the ongoing changes in the ice sheets and other studies of climate change, and he has published numerous studies in top-tier journals, such as Nature and Science.

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In addition, he played a leadership role in the $30 million Antarctic Geological Drilling program, among the Antarctic’s largest scientific projects ever. Scherer’s work has drawn media attention from publications such as the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and Discover magazine.

Subject areas:
Antarctic ice sheet
Climate change through time
Pleistocene and Holocene paleo environmental tracers in both marine and non-marine settings
Micropaleontology and biostratigraphy

Contact information:
Reed Scherer
(815) 753-7951

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