Mitchell Irwin

experts-guide-mitch-irwinWhen it comes to monkey business, Mitchell Irwin, a biological anthropologist specializing in primate ecology and behavior, is your guy. As a world-renowned lemur conservationist and researcher, the NIU professor has focused on the ecological adaptations of Madagascar’s lemurs and how habitat disturbance affects the ecology, behavior and health of individuals and populations. Having lived and worked there since 2000, he knows Madagascar, its people, culture and environment. Irwin has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets such as the Discovery Channel, PBS, Science and National Geographic news.

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Irwin has studied feeding ecology, nutrition, body mass and condition and parasitology. He is also interested in how Madagascar’s abiotic and biotic environment has influenced the evolution of key lemur traits, such as low-activity levels, cathemerality and female dominance. Professor Irwin has an ongoing field project in Tsinjoarivo in eastern Madagascar and co-founded Sadabe, a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting research, conservation and development.

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