Mark Schuller

Mark Schuller
Mark Schuller was an activist long before becoming a professional anthropologist. He now holds a joint appointment with NIU’s Department of Anthropology and Center for Non-Governmental Organization Leadership and Development, and is an affiliate of the State University of Haiti. Schuller has been researching Haitian nongovernmental organizations and the effects of foreign aid for 15 years. As an activist for Haiti solidarity and other global-justice efforts, Schuller has presented before Congress, the World Bank, USAID and international agencies in Haiti.

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Schuller’s research on NGOs, globalization, disasters and gender in Haiti has been published in more than 30 book chapters and peer-reviewed articles, as well as in mainstream media such as the Huffington Post. He is a recipient of the Margaret Mead Award, presented by the Society for Applied Anthropology and the American Anthropological Association (AAA), as well as the AAA’s Anthropology in Media Award. He also serves as board chair of the Lambi Fund of Haiti, a grassroots organization whose mission is to assist the country’s popular democratic movement.

Schuller earned his master’s and doctorate degrees from University of California, Santa Barbara. He teaches classes in Haiti and at NIU on NGOs, research methods, disasters, anthropology and contemporary world problems, nonprofits and community engagement, and the Caribbean.

Subject areas:
Haiti; disasters; nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); humanitarian aid; development; globalization; public policy; social movements; community organizing; solidarity


Twitter: @anthropolitiks

Contact information:
Mark Schuller
Cell: (815) 761-2171

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