Mark Rosenbaum

Professor, Marketing


Mark Rosenbaum
Mark Rosenbaum is an award-winning educator, researcher and author specializing in the study of retailing, customer service issues and non-medical health care services. But when the NIU professor of marketing accepted a Fulbright scholarship to teach and research in Nepal, he didn’t imagine he would be part of the massive earthquake that struck that nation in April 2015. Rosenbaum was in Nepal teaching business courses and helping the Kathmandu University School of Management create a doctoral program when the quake occurred. After completing his term, he returned to NIU where he is currently the Kohl’s Corporation Professor of Retail Marketing. He has published on, and been interviewed about, issues as diverse as how restaurants provide social, as well as physical, sustenance for their customers; to how retailers have cultivated acceptance of Thanksgiving as a national day of shopping; to issues regarding the operation and future of the retail industry. He has extensive expertise on how all facets of the customer experience play important roles in satisfaction – whether at a restaurant, a clothing store or a doctor’s office.

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Along with being a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Nepal, Rosenbaum was a Fulbright Scholar in Cambodia. He holds a master’s degree from San Diego State University in operations management, a master’s from New York University in international business and a master’s of business administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He earned a doctorate degree in marketing from Arizona State University where he was also a research faculty fellow. He has co-authored numerous articles and was an associate editor for the Journal of Business Research, Service Industries Journal and Journal of Service Theory and Practice. He was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Service Marketing.

Subject areas:
Retailing; service marketing, customer service issues; non-medical health care services; non-medical cancer service; Latin America retailing; Nepal



Contact information:

Mark Scott Rosenbaum
Office: (815) 753-7951
Cell: (630) 414-6989

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