Mark Groza

Associate Professor, Marketing

Mark Groza
Mark Groza is an internationally respected expert in topics like sales management, corporate sponsorship and corporate social responsibility. Currently an Enterprise Holdings Professor of Sales a Northern Illinois University, Groza is also a research fellow at the ENAE Business School in Murcia, Spain. He actively conducts a variety of consultative research projects related to optimizing sales force performance through NIU’s Office of Selling Effectiveness for firms like Two Much Research (Madrid, Spain), Code SixFour (Chicago, Ill.) and FASTENAL Industrial suppliers (Winona, Minn.).

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His research on customer loyalty programs and customer relationship management (CRM) technology effectiveness has been published in the Journal of Business Research and the Marketing Management Journal. Groza earned a doctorate degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where his dissertation examined how salespeople can best utilize marketing resources to achieve superior performance.

Subject areas:
Personal selling; corporate sponsorship; corporate social responsibility; sports marketing


Contact information:
Mark Groza
Office:  (815) 753-6228

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