Lindsay Harris

Lindsay Harris

Lindsay Harris, an assistant professor of Educational Psychology at Northern Illinois University, taught English in Japan and in the New York City public schools before earning a doctorate in cognitive psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. Her experience as a teacher in two countries sparked her research interest in what happens in the brain while it reads.

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Harris has published articles on reading across writing systems and on the interactions of spoken and written language processes in journals such as Human Brain Mapping, Neuropsychologia and Frontiers in Psychology and has been featured on Fox 32’s “Good Day Chicago.” Her current research extends her interest in reading in different writing systems to include braille with a study of world learning in people who are blind.

Subject areas:
Reading across writing systems; interactions of spoken and written language; individual differences in reading ability; second language (L2) literacy acquisition


Twitter: @harris_lindsay

Contact information:
Linsday Harris
Office: (815) 753-5615
Cell: (917) 494-3126

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