Laura Vazquez


Laura Vazquez
An award-winning documentary filmmaker and professor in the Department of Communication, Laura Vazquez examines some of society’s most pressing issues, including the plight of homeless families, the often cloaked issue of college sexual assault and the challenges facing people with disabilities. She is active nationally in film organizations such as the University Film and Video Association. On campus she serves in leadership roles, including with the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, where she is a vocal advocate for diversity and social justice.

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In 2001, Vazquez initiated the Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival and continues as the festival's director. The festival draws student-made films from across the globe and features industry professionals who motivate students to aspire to media careers. Vazquez was named as a 2014 Board of Trustees Professor, a top university honor that recognizes faculty members for internationally renowned research and excellence in all facets of teaching.

Vazquez earned a doctorate degree from Northwestern University and serves as director of undergraduate studies in the NIU Department of Communication.

Subject areas:
Documentary video production
Gender and media
Social Justice and Advocacy Documentary

Contact information:
Laura Vazquez
(331) 223-4212

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