Laura Ruth Johnson

Laura Ruth Johnson

Laura Ruth Johnson understands the importance of civic engagement and community involvement among Latino and African American youth in Chicago –especially young mothers. In her research, the associate professor in the Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment in the College of Education at Northern Illinois University collaborates with staff and students at an alternative high school in Chicago’s Humboldt Park community. Her teaching and research also focus on the creation of community-university partnerships and the engagement of graduate students in community-based research projects.

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Johnson recently released “Community-Based Qualitative Research: Approaches for Education and the Social Sciences,” a book filled with engaging case studies, interdisciplinary real-life examples, and insights from project participants that provide a solid foundation for future work in the field. Along with teaching graduate courses and being a board member on Youth Connection Charter Schools, Johnson is an author of numerous articles and a respected authority on topics related to adolescent mothers, reproductive justice and youth civic engagement.

Subject areas:
The experiences and beliefs of Latina adolescent mothers; mentorship and school-based support programs for young mothers; youth civic engagement within minority communities; literacy learning within urban community contexts and out-of-school settings; community-based qualitative research; youth participatory action research


Contact information:

Laura Ruth Johnson
Office: (773) 505-2490

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