Kristen Myers

Kristen Myers


Kristen Myers is a highly regarded professor of sociology and director of NIU’s Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality. She specializes in inequality issues related to gender, race and sexuality. Myers has authored numerous journal publications and one book, and has served as editor of another. Her research has tackled tough topics, such as the reframing of masculinity, antifeminist messages in television programming for young girls and the perpetuation of racism through private discourse. She has been interviewed by the likes of Fox News in Chicago.

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Myers’ research also has examined topics such as how black and white women work to overcome racism and the ways that gay and lesbian police officers negotiate gender expectations on the job. A Presidential Teaching Professor in the Department of Sociology, she integrates her research agenda into her teaching practices.

Subject areas:
Work sexualities
Race and overcoming racism
Qualitative research methods
Gender inequality
Men and Masculinities
Feminist theory
Gender and children
Work and inequality
Social inequality

Contact information:
Kristen Myers

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