Kirk Miller

experts-guide-kirk-millerKirk Miller is an expert on current topics in law enforcement. Recently, the NIU sociologist has focused his research on the contemporary phenomenon of citizen- and police-generated video that has the power to influence public opinion about police legitimacy.

In a broader sense, Miller’s research is concerned with aspects of police decision-making, socio-historical and political forces affecting the police industry, intellectual property law and its violation, and gun culture. He specializes in the study of race, class and gender inequalities within the criminal justice system.

Read more: Miller serves as chair of the NIU Department of Sociology. He holds a doctorate degree from North Carolina State and was the 2013 Research Rookie Mentor of the Year.

Subject areas:

Criminal justice; police; media and crime; trust and legitimacy in police; American gun culture; mass shootings; racial and gender controversies in the criminal justice system


Contact information:

Kirk Miller
Office: (815) 753-1194
Cell: (815) 762-1166

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