Joseph Flynn


NIU Associate Professor Joseph Flynn Jr. keeps a close eye on racial and social justice issues in the worlds of education, politics, media and pop culture.

From the rise of the alt-right to films and TV shows, there is a lot to watch these days. Flynn’s background positions him to speak with authoritative perspective about equality in education, representation of different groups in the news and entertainment and how to engage in productive conversations about race.

Flynn teaches courses on social justice, multicultural education and curriculum studies. He served as a guest editor for The Black History Bulletin’s special edition focused on the role of African-Americans in pop culture; is a frequent editorialist for NIU’s local NPR affiliate; and is the author of a new book entitled “White Fatigue: Rethinking Resistance for Social Justice.” Flynn also will serve as president of the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum beginning in 2018.

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Joseph Flynn

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