Jason Hanna

Jason Hanna
experts-guide-Jason-HannaWhat is morally right and morally wrong?
Jason Hanna is an associate professor of philosophy at Northern Illinois University who explores tough topics like normative ethics, applied ethics and political philosophy. At a time when ethical dilemmas and politics are at the forefront of conversations, Hanna is poised to share his expertise. His two current projects delve into the defense of paternalism and the challenges for non-consequentialist views that appeal to the distinction between doing harm and merely allowing harm.  

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Hanna earned a master’s degree and doctorate degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He currently serves as a faculty associate with NIU's Institute for the Study of the Environmental, Sustainability, and Energy and has earned the NIU Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. He was awarded the Young Ethicist Prize for best paper by a non-tenured philosopher from the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress. During the 2015-16 academic year, Hanna was a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs at Tulane University.

Subject areas:
Ethics; environmental ethics; political philosophy; paternalism, coercion and exploitation

Hanna has been interviewed regarding the moral dimensions of same-sex marriage on WNIJ radio.

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Jason Hanna

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