Eunha Myung

Eunha Myung knows that sustainability is essential for the future of our environment, and she makes sure others do to. The associate professor in NIU’s College of Health and Human Sciences is an expert on sustainability in the hospitality industry and being green when it comes to restaurants, hotels and tourism.

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Myung is a graduate of University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree. Her research on environmental and consumer behavior has been published in journals including "Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research," "International Journal of Hospitality Management," "Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management," and "International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration." Myung is fluent in English and Korean.


Subject areas:
Sustainability in the hospitality industry, meeting and event management, hospitality higher education.


Contact information:
Eunha Myung
Office: (815) 753-6341
Cell: (630) 803-5397

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