Eric Zeemering

Eric Zeemering
experts-guide-eric-zeemeringEric Zeemering knows local government inside and out. He holds a Ph.D. in political science, served as an elected city council official and writes on topics such as municipal service delivery and sustainability. He also conducts research on local governance, collaborative public management and intergovernmental relations.

Zeemering is often tapped as a source by journalists working on stories about local government. He has been interviewed by newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune and featured on television and radio programs both locally and nationally.

At Northern Illinois University, he serves as an associate professor in the School of Public and Global Affairs and as a faculty associate with the Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy. He is the author of “Collaborative Strategies for Sustainable Cities: Economy, Environment and Community in Baltimore,” which investigates how sustainability is defined in Baltimore and how nongovernmental organizations contribute to the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

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Zeemering’s interest in local government led to his election to the city council in Rockford, Mich., and to his appointments to the Kent County Housing Commission and the Daly City Parks and Recreation Commission.

Zeemering earned a bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College and his doctorate from Indiana University. In 2014 he was a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Governance and Public Administration at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Subject areas:
City management; public management; urban sustainability; intergovernmental relations; Great Lakes policy; Canada and the U.S./Canada relations


Twitter: @DrZeemering

Contact information:
Eric Zeemering
Office: (815) 753-2205

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