Danica Billingsly


From concerts and fireworks to workplace noise and headphone usage, Danica Billingsly says everyone faces the constant challenge of protecting themselves from damage to their sense of hearing. An assistant professor of audiology, Billingsly spent 17 years in clinical practice helping people of all ages to cope with tinnitus and hearing loss and assisting in their rehabilitation efforts.

Billingsly has done public presentations on the general keys to hearing loss prevention, as well as specifically focusing on noisy toys and working with farming families to avoid noise-induced hearing damage often found in rural communities. She is also comfortable speaking on topics such as hearing tests, access to and use of hearing aids, proper ear care and the problems associated with modern ear buds used for listening to music on phones and other mobile devices.

Billingsly is a recipient of the Illinois Academy of Audiology’s President’s Award. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s from Western Illinois University and her doctorate of audiology from Salus University.

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Danica Billingsly

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