Christine Mooney

Christine Mooney


Christine Mooney is all business. Whether it’s discussing entrepreneurship, social enterprise, impact investing or the rising trend of interim CEOs, this NIU business professor is ready to weigh in. Her research interests are diverse, and have been published in the Journal of Management, Academy of Management Learning and Education, and Organization Dynamics. She leads the university’s entrepreneurship program and teaches courses that include social venture consulting, social enterprise development, and creativity and innovation. Her expertise includes developing business models, creative problem solving and the importance of failure in the business cycle.

In NIU’s Social Entrepreneurship program she teaches students how to harness the business fundamentals they learn in the NIU College of Business to help them achieve social good. Her students may find themselves launching and running a business for eight weeks, or engaging in improvisational acting as she tries to teach them skills that go beyond the bottom line.

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Mooney earned a Master of Business Administration and a doctorate degree from Indiana University before joining NIU. She holds multiple university accolades including being designated the Bill and Paula LeRoy Professor of Entrepreneurship. In 2016 she received the NIU Excellence in Innovation Award, and the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award for both the College of Business and the Management Department. In addition, Mooney also develops and delivers workshops in creativity and innovation, as well as business model development. Mooney is also part of the CATIS Project, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on water, quality, sustainable agriculture/construction and women’s issues in San Miguel, Mexico.

Subject areas:
CEO succession; innovation and entrepreneurship; social enterprise; impact investing

Contact information:
Christine Mooney
Office: (815) 753-6308
Cell: (815) 715-1921

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